Jordan 1 Tie Dye (EU)

Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye is set to drop first in EU. Grab some before the EU release. Run users already demolished AU drop! 
Proxies for Footsites -
  • FTL proxies are split by region. Use FTL-EU for Footlocker Europe, and FLT-US for all US footsites.
  • Run a mix of all FTL proxies in the region.
  • Use country proxies as a backup. US General 1-4 for the US drop and any EU country proxies for the EU drop.
  • Do not just run US or GB proxies for footsites. You must include FTL proxies for best results.
Proxies Nike SNKRS -
  • We have sorted proxies for the major regions in the SNKRS pools. These are the best option for US, UK, and JP.
  • FTL-EU proxies will work for any Nike Europe region.
  • Country proxies from any region near your target Nike site will work.
  • If you are running on the smaller Nike regions please test your proxies in your bot before the drop. We have not tested smaller Nike sites extensively and each country will be different.
If you are running Nike SNKRS all US proxies will work to enter accounts. You can use FTL-US as a backup if needed.
For international Nike entries please us the country proxies that match the location of your target site (GB, JP, AU, etc)
Proxies for Supreme
Proxies for Supreme -
  • Supreme sites are regional. There are 3 regions - London, New York, and Tokyo.
  • The traditional way to use proxies on Supreme is by country. Most users will use GB proxies on Supreme London, US proxies on Supreme New York, and JP proxies on Supreme Tokyo.
  • If you use country proxies on Supreme make sure to pick all of the gateways within your country of choice. There are several countries that work on each supreme region.
  • London - All Europe countries work. Tokyo - Most countries in Asia and the Middle East work. New York - Most countries in the Americas work.
  • RunProxies has already sorted country proxies based on which Supreme site they work on. You can simply select the SUP pool and then choose the appropriate region (EU, US or JP).
  • If you use the SUP pools make sure to select more than one sub region for best results.

Proxies for Shopify -
  • Top choice - Shopify-1 through 24 are random proxies that work on Shopify. You can use a mix of these.
  • FTL proxies will also work on Shopify.
  • US-general-1 through 4 are faster from US servers/computers. Use these in addition to the Shopify or FTL proxies.
  • Make sure to test speeds and delete slower proxies before the drop.
  • Use the multi select feature to generate proxies from multiple gateways at once to improve performance. Do not run proxies from just one gateway.
  • Test to google and delete slow or inactive proxies before loading in your bot. This step is very important for best results and fastest speeds!
Good luck on the drop and please @ us on Twitter when you cop!
If you need more support please open a live chat using the chat icon below! We will reply as soon as possible.
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