Nike X Undefeated Airmax 90

The year is running out! Time for one last drop before 2020!

Get ready for the Nike X Undefeated Airmax 90 drop! Here are the latest proxy tips for this drop.
Most of the stock will be dropping on Nike SNKRS and Shopify. The red and green colorways are Undefeated exclusives.
For Undefeated and Shopify sites any proxies will work. Select proxies from either the Shopify pool or by country. Test proxies before the drop and only run the fastest ones based on your location and internet connection.
The Shopify pools will generate random countries that work on Shopify. Shopify does not region lock so this method is very effective. If you prefer proxies that match your country please use the country pools such as US.
Nike has regional sites so pick proxies that match your location. The SNKRS pools have a mix of proxies that point to the respective regional Nike sites. If you prefer more specific locations please use the country pools.
All RunProxies are static IPs. Good luck on the drop and please @ us on Twitter when you cop!
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