Supreme Bogo & Yeezy 700 MNVN Phosphor

This is it! The Supreme Relief Box Logo Tee!!!
Supreme Bogo & Yeezy 700 MNVN Phosphor
Proxies for Supreme
Supreme is very simple compared to other sites. Just make proxies that match the location of the Supreme site you are targeting and remove slow or timeout proxies before starting tasks.
  • Supreme sites are regional. There are 3 regions - London, New York, and Tokyo.
  • The traditional way to use proxies on Supreme is by country. Most users will use GB proxies on Supreme London, US proxies on Supreme New York, and JP proxies on Supreme Tokyo.
  • If you use country proxies on Supreme make sure to pick all of the gateways within your country of choice. There are several countries that work on each supreme region.
  • London - All Europe countries work. Tokyo - Most countries in Asia and the Middle East work. New York - Most countries in the Americas work.
  • RunProxies has already sorted country proxies based on which Supreme site they work on. You can simply select the SUP pool and then choose the appropriate region (EU, US or JP).
  • If you use the SUP pools make sure to select more than one sub region for best results.
Proxies for Yeezy Supply and Adidas -
  • FTL and Shopify proxies are the first choice for Yeezy Supply.
  • You can use the SUP proxies as a backup, from all regions (US, UK and JP).
  • US 1-4 will work but they will have much higher traffic and are not suggested as your main proxies for YS.
  • Use the multi select feature to generate proxies from multiple gateways at once to improve performance.
  • Test to any site and delete slow or inactive proxies before loading in your bot. This step is very important for best results and fastest speeds!
All RunProxies are static.
Good luck on the drop and please @ us on Twitter when you cop!
If you need more support please open a live chat using the chat icon below! We will reply as soon as possible.
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