Yeezy Regional Cook Out This Weekend!!
Dropping Tomorrow -Yeezy 350 Flax, Tail Wind & Earth
RunProxies pushed an update to our network in advance of this important drop to optimize performance.
You must generate new proxies! Old proxy lists will not work.
Proxies for Footsites -
  • FTL-EU proxies for Footlocker EU.
  • FTL-US proxies for US Footsites.
  • Country proxies from any region near your target site will work.
  • Select all gateways within the Region/Site option for best success.
Proxies for YeezySupply-
  • Regional releases will be restricted to proxies from the matching location.
  • Asia - Use proxies from Asia, Middle East, Africa and India.
  • Europe - Use proxies from all European countries, Russia and Ukraine.
  • Americas - Use proxies from North, Central, and South American countries.
Proxies for Adidas-
  • Match the location of your proxies to the Adidas site you are trying to access. Use all general gateways within the country pool.
Proxies for Shopify-
  • Shopify proxies - Generate proxies from all Shopify gateways. Test and remove slow or timeout proxies before the drop.
  • US General proxies.
  • FTL-US proxies.
Proxies for other EU Sites -
  • FTL-EU proxies will work on most EU sites.
All RunProxies are static.
Good luck on the drop and please @ us on Twitter when you cop!
If you need more support please open a live chat using the chat icon below! We will reply as soon as possible.
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